Bridgewater Home Care choose Harborough Innovation Centre as their new home.

We asked them why they chose the centre and how they provide care for the local community.


What is it about the HIC that has motivated you to base your business here?

The Harborough Innovation centre is a thriving hub of multi-faceted businesses, situated in the heart of the area where we provide our service.

The location provides us with accessibility to key major roads, which allows us to support our clients in a responsive and effective manner as well as meeting the needs of our clients who reside in small villages and remote areas.  effectively and efficiently.

The vibrant workplace and office views, creates an environment which people will want to come to work. With the majority of our staff being field based providing specialist care to our clients, it was important to be in an environment where they want to come into the office, even if it’s just for a coffee.  The workplace also accommodates those with disabilities with ease of access to all key areas of workspace.

If we should have meetings booked with our clients, again the office provides a professional and welcoming environment to facility everyone’s needs.


How has your experience been throughout your move to the centre, from your initial enquiry to your physical move in day?

From the initial contact to the day of the move in, the experience was flawless. Our initial engagement with Tim was fantastic, he was keen to understand us and our business. He continued to support and work with us through the process.

Similarly, the support we had from Carly and the team, prior to moving in and to date has been great. There isn’t anything too much and always willing to help on anything, whether that was completing the business rates application, setting the phones up, access keys. It has always been effective and professional.


What was your mission at the outset?

To become The Care Provider of Choice in Market Harborough and surrounding areas.  To establish key relationships with local businesses and other relevant professionals in the county.

Many care providers whether residential or home care, provide a service with limited flexibility. Our aim is to ensure each of our clients receives a unique, bespoke service which has been tailored to their needs and their aspirations.

Our Care doesn’t solely focus on the individual who requires the support, it encompasses the needs of the people around them. By listening to and understanding our clients’ needs and wishes, it allows us to provide a calibre of care which keeps them physically and mentally active and improves the quality of life for our clients and their family members.


What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

Bridgewater provides a range of support and care services within the comfort of the client’s own home.

Our services consist of:

Light housekeeping (Dusting, hoovering, meal preparation, changing bedding and laundry),

Companionship (Support our clients to access engagement back into the local community, attend events, shopping, undertake other activities and hobbies, visit places of interest, escort to medical and personal appointments.

Personal care (Support to take a bath, shower, dress, undress, incontinence support, shaving, hair, make up),

Palliative care (Supporting our clients with life-limiting illness)

End of Life Care Supporting those that are in their last few months’ of life)

Specialist Care (We support clients with varying needs in specialist areas – Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Parkinson’s)


What’s your company’s goals?

To provide a service which changes someone’s life and supports them to remain living in their own home safe and independently.

Our aim is to give our clients the confidence and independence, to continue doing the things they love and had thought they could no longer do.

Whether that is visits to the local community centre, undertaking their favourite hobbies, taking a walk to the shops. or whether it’s giving someone that time and compassion, to make them feel valued, comfortable, cherished, and cared for where they do need that additional support with their personal care.

Also, providing confidence, reassurance, and respite to their families/loved ones. That they’re able to rest knowing that the services that we provide are safe, compassionate and person centred. Allowing them to regain focus on their own lives, doing the things they love whilst having peace of mind and continuing to build their relationship with our clients as husband, wife, son, daughter, friend rather than Carer.

Our main overall objective is to seek an ‘Outstanding Rating’ from CQC (The Care Quality Commission) who regulate our service. This would be considered as a huge achievement and an accolade for our company and its staff.


What do you look for in an employee?

We look for compassionate, considerate, and passionate people. We can train and support new employees and people who are new to the industry, however, their personality and traits are key to what we look for. There are two key questions we ask ourselves, would we let them look after our family and would we want to spend time with them?  We seek to match our care staff and clients to one another so that key hobbies and interests are at the forefront of establishing and building ongoing professional relationships.


What is unique about your business?

We genuinely care and so do all our staff.  Whether you work as part of the management team or work out in the community as a Care Specialist, we are all part of the same team with the same aspirations and goals.  We are committed to investing in one another and the company, as a whole.

The business was started out of passion and desire to make a difference.

Whilst we are a business and there are certain areas which are key for us to operate successfully. We pride ourselves on quality and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We don’t cut corners, whether that is our internal processes, client onboarding and support, or the onboarding and growth of our care specialists.

We pride ourselves on reputation and in order to become the care provider of choice, we need to always exceed our own standards and continuously look to improve.


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