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December 6th 2018

Beth “Can & Will” help

How Pioneer 10 helped an out-reach Customer of Market Harborough – It’s well known that regular exercise benefits us. It’s also well known that many of us don’t get enough. Looking to change that is Beth Dawkins, whose new company, Can & Will, is aiming to create a welcoming space in Market Harborough that offers everyone the chance to improve their wellbeing, both in body and mind.

November 16th 2018

Anecdote tells its own story

Anecdote UK has been at the centre just over a year, in our shared office The Hive, and is looking forward to many more years as part of the Harborough innovation Centre family. Starting a business from scratch is never easy, but moving into HIC took away a lot of the hassle for them.

September 13th 2018

Emkat Solutions’ ideal location

HIC residents Emkat Solutions Ltd, who specialise in automated materials handling systems, have been at HIC since its early days.

August 9th 2018

Iconiq Innovation enjoys HIC services

The past few years have been successful ones for HIC residents Iconiq Innovation. Read more about their time at Harborough IC.

August 9th 2018

Liberty enjoys first year at HIC

The team at Liberty PR celebrated their first anniversary last month, and it’s been a successful first year.

August 3rd 2018

Market Harborough company set to boost Leicestershire small businesses

Restaurants, salons and shops in Leicestershire are set to work more “efficiently and become smarter” with the help of new software made available by a Market Harborough company […]

July 11th 2018

Intelligent Financial Advisory looks to the future

Intelligent Financial Advisory looks to the future Intelligent Financial Advisory moved into HIC in April 2015, shortly after the company was founded by Sonni Assi, Mihir Shah, Ramsy Dhillon and Sukhpal Toor. Since then they’ve grown to a team of eight advisors, supported by four admin staff. Having originally taken one of the smaller offices, the team graduated last year to a larger space on the ground floor.

June 8th 2018

Swordfish stresses HIC benefits

Working at Harborough Innovation Centre has lots of operational advantages for our businesses. But sometimes we forget that there are less immediately obvious benefits to being part of the community here.

June 8th 2018

HIC helps Jeremy with the Sporting Edge

Sporting Edge has been a valued customer of HIC since the beginning, when founder Jeremy Snape moved the company into the building on its first day of opening.

April 9th 2018

My Admin Support

After being at HIC for four years, My Admin Support has gone from strength to strength, growing into one of the centre’s larger offices.