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April 9th 2018

My Admin Support

After being at HIC for four years, My Admin Support has gone from strength to strength, growing into one of the centre’s larger offices.

March 19th 2018

How Two Birds flew the nest after a successful start at Harborough Innovation Centre

What happens when you mix a knack for engineering with a love of all things gin?

January 23rd 2018

The Ink Group

How start-up innovators The Ink Group found the perfect launchpad at HIC.

January 8th 2018

Elite Scooters

How a young entrepreneur went from a bedroom-run business to a £million empire

October 4th 2017

Ixion Innovation

Transforming people’s lives through Skills, Employment, Enterprise & Innovation, for growth.[…]

May 3rd 2017

An Interview with Elecosoft

A quick interview with Chris Lovelock, Managing Director of Elecosoft, about his time at Harborough IC. […]

May 3rd 2017

An Interview with Intali

A quick interview with Adam Burdett, Sales Director at Intali, about his time at Harborough IC. […]

May 3rd 2017

An Interview with Magical Maths

A quick interview with Colin Bradford, founder of Magical Maths, about his time at Harborough IC. […]

March 28th 2017

Arnold Thomson

How a leading law firm at Harborough IC cater to the needs and interests of their clients. […]

March 17th 2017

Customer Attuned

How Harborough IC residents Customer Attuned have developed their business at the centre.[…]