Milestone Projects moves into Harborough Innovation Centre: A New Era of Warehouse Optimisation and Collaborative Innovation Begins

Milestone Projects, consultants in warehouse optimisation, have recently made the strategic move to Harborough Innovation Centre (HIC), marking a significant step in their journey towards revolutionising warehouse operations in the UK and EU. With two decades of engineering expertise and a unique approach that combines deep client understanding with innovative 3D modelling, Milestone Projects is not just another consultancy. Their decision to base operations at Harborough Innovation Centre, known for its vibrant collaborative environment and state-of-the-art facilities, underscores their commitment to innovation, agility, and client solutions.

Company Director, Jared Storey, gives us some insight into their journey:

Why did we choose HIC as our business base?

We chose HIC for its vibrant, collaborative environment and top-notch facilities. Given that our projects span across the country, it serves as a centre of gravity for our business activities. The flexibility that HIC offers is ideal for accommodating our dynamic needs.

How was the move to HIC?

The move was seamless, thanks to the HIC team’s incredible support. They’re well-equipped to assist early-stage businesses like ours, making the transition from initial inquiry to move-in day effortless.

The Genesis of Milestone Projects

After 20 years in engineering and 10 specialising in warehouse optimisation, I identified an area where clients were being underserved: businesses needed actionable solutions, not just advice. Milestone Projects was born to fill this void—an independent consultancy that takes projects from concept to completion.

What Do We Offer?

Milestone Projects has two core divisions: Consultancy and Storage Solutions. Our consultancy services cover everything from supply chain optimisation to warehouse design, while our storage division offers tailored racking, shelving, and mezzanine solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Our Secret Sauce

Our success is rooted in agility, deep client understanding, and cost-effectiveness. We offer some of the most cost-effective strategies on the market. Before diving into solutions, we thoroughly understand our client’s current challenges and future objectives. Our use of cutting-edge 3D modelling and simulation ensures our solutions are innovative and practical.

Our Aspirations

We aim to be a hub of innovation and value creation, focusing on becoming a go-to resource for warehouse operations in the UK and EU.

What Sets Us Apart?

We’re engineers at heart, not just consultants. We offer end-to-end solutions validated through the latest technology. This one-stop-shop approach ensures seamless project delivery, cost-efficiency, and zero information loss.

The Future of Milestone Projects

We will continue to work with clients as passionate about transformative solutions as we are.

A Piece of Advice

Business is about people. Understand and look after your people and the rest will follow.

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