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The Harborough Innovation team questioned Alastair Crawford, Managing Director of LMAC, on their leading manufacturing consultancy business and why they chose the HIC for their new office space in Market Harborough.

We asked the following questions about LMAC…..

When did you start the business? – We started in New Zealand 17 years ago. Our UK office opened in 2012. I have come back to the UK to lead the UK team and bring some of our successful offerings back to UK Manufacturing.

What was your mission at the outset? – To Create prosperity within communities. We believe that if we can help Manufacturing businesses thrive, the whole community prospers

Do you offer a service, and what is special about it? – LMAC is a team of specialist consultants, who help Manufacturing companies become more competitive and sustainable. We focus on 3 areas:

• Process improvement using Lean principles

• Helping to prioritise and implement the appropriate Industry 4.0 technology to accelerate change

• People – Helping to train and support your team in order to get the best results

To what do you attribute your success? We are pragmatic, down to earth and work alongside businesses to achieve results. We feel part of our client’s business and take joint accountability for success. Consultants get bad press and we like to think of ourselves as a different proposition.

Tell us your company’s goals? Our goal is to support the UK Manufacturing sector to regain its position as one of the strongest in the world again.

What made you choose your current location? – We chose Market Harborough as we have always based ourselves here on Holiday when visiting from New Zealand. We have always enjoyed the area and it felt a bit like home. It has great access to the main manufacturing areas around the UK

We also wanted to know…why the HIC?

What is it about the HIC that motivated you to base your business here? – I got a really nice feeling when I came to visit. There are lots of other businesses and people to network with and bump into, which makes you feel like you are part of a community. The facilities are fantastic, with everything you could possibly need. I was pleasantly surprised by how modern the facilities were.

Since moving here, what do you enjoy most about being at the Harborough Innovation Centre? The Coffee and Bacon Rolls😊 We love how friendly everyone has been, we have been made to feel very welcome. We have also found some great networking opportunities with other businesses and support from the local business advisors.

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