How a leading law firm at Harborough IC cater to the needs and interests of their clients.


We spoke to Mike Thomson, a director at Arnold Thomson who is a law firm based at our centre.


How did you start your company?

We started as a satellite office for a larger legal practice.

What is your proudest achievement as a business?

Providing excellent service to our clients to ensure that legal situations they encounter do not become expensive legal problems.

What was your most recent notable project?

Completing on a sale of a property on behalf of an occupier of the Innovation Centre who had lost their buyer. They then found a new buyer, and we needed to ensure this sale went through quickly and successfully – much to the relief of our clients. Once a client has been through the experience of a sale having fallen through, this immediately adds to their anxiety as to whether this will happen again, so it was great to complete the transaction smoothly and remove that worry for them.

Mike Thomson, Director at Arnold Thomson

How has the Harborough Innovation Centre helped with your development?

It has allowed us the flexibility to grow as we want and the centre staff have been hugely helpful and supportive.

What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company?

To increase our client base, our personnel in the office and the range of our legal services offered in the area.