Intelligent Financial Advisory looks to the future


Intelligent Financial Advisory moved into HIC in April 2015, shortly after the company was founded by Sonni Assi, Mihir Shah, Ramsy Dhillon and Sukhpal Toor. Since then they’ve grown to a team of eight advisors, supported by four admin staff. Having originally taken one of the smaller offices, the team graduated last year to a larger space on the ground floor.

But they’re not stopping there ” the company is going from strength to strength and is now considering taking the exciting step of moving into their own offices. “We started up, we’ve expanded, employed more people and now we’re thinking of moving out, which is what we think this place is designed for,” said Sonni.

IFA offers a full range of financial services, from pensions to investments, life cover, trusts and more. They’ll soon be moving into mortgages as well. Measuring their growth since they moved into the centre is easy. 

The team has gone from starting from scratch to having upwards of £60m worth of assets under management, and more than 500 clients. If require any further information follow the link http://Intelligent Financial Advisory

The team attributes some of their success to their tenure at HIC.

 “It’s been fabulous being here,” said Mihir. HIC is, of course, managed by Oxford Innovation and owned and supported by Harborough District Council, which also funds the Centre’s business support provision.

This includes things like expert business advice, mentoring and workshops.

Mihir paid tribute the services on offer at the centre. “It’s given us everything we needed as a start-up business: the support is good, the facilities are brilliant, there’s parking here for our clients and everything is on-site.” And that can make a big difference, he believes. “Every client that’s come to see us here has said that it’s been a good experience for them ” they’re impressed.”

Sonni added: “And the reception staff are very friendly so it ticks all the boxes. Also, everyone we meet that works here is great, and we’ve even managed to make a few clients of people resident in the building as well, which is good.”

It’s been very handy from the admin side of things too, according to Mihir. “We’ve made a lot of professional contacts, as well. There was a solicitors’ firm here that have moved out now, but we’ve kept in touch and passed some business their way and they’ve done likewise. Those are good long-term relationships that have started in the centre.”

Ramsy concurred: “If we’ve ever needed anything we’ve asked reception if there’s another business that can help us and because there are so many businesses here, there’s pretty much always someone here can help you out. That’s been really good. The range of businesses is so diverse.”

“There’s a positive energy around the centre,” Mihir added. “You go to some other places of work and see staff there and they’re negative, but you don’t get that here. People get on, they want to be successful and that’s infectious.”

All in all, the team have enjoyed their time at the centre. “Being here for three years has been a fabulous opportunity,” said Mihir. “Starting as a brand new business and having all the support in the centre has been immensely helpful and it’s taken a lot of worry off our shoulders knowing that we’ve got support in the centre, reception’s very helpful, we’ve got all the facilities here. It’s been ideal in terms of our journey as a new business in our first three years. There’s nothing more we could have asked of the centre.”

Harborough Innovation Centre is owned and supported by Harborough District Council (HDC). As the building owner, HDC also funds the Centre’s business support provision, providing the basis for expert business advice, mentoring and workshops.