Spring is finally here and hopefully, we will have glorious temperatures again! The past year has been a most difficult and surreal time for us all from both a personally and professionally. Like so many people, I have been working from home during this time and it seems many businesses will continue to support this option in the future. Recent reports show working from home can be more cost-effective for many businesses but most importantly of all, employees are showing consistency with their work productivity. Homeworking will suit many. However, I miss my morning walk to the office, meeting my clients and candidates in person.  Professionally many of us have and will continue to make adjustments to the way we work.

“What have we learned from the Pandemic?” We have learned to better appreciate our family and friends. Simple things perhaps previously taken for granted – taking walks, the countryside and wildlife around us. Our health and wellbeing is an even more front-of-mind. Awareness of others’ and helping them at times of need…the list is endless. Strange that it took a pandemic to make so many of us slow down and take stock of what we have and realise how lucky we are.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, vaccinations are progressing and statistics show the economy is picking up quickly with many companies recruiting due to considerable growth. This shows a significant confidence in the economy for companies and job searchers alike.

This article is contributed by Sophie Davies of Diamond Jobs sophie.davies@diamondjobs.co.uk